I have noticed recent trends have changed with the Bridal waltz now becoming a major feature of the wedding reception. The traditional dance has become a wedding spectacle and people are spending time & money perfecting a dance to show their guests.

One of my favourites was an entrance at All Saints Estate where the Bridal party stayed at the bottom of the stair case after being announced into the room. The Bride & Groom were then announced into the room, then a choreographed dance begun with all bridal party members involved. This was a treat for guests and everyone really enjoyed seeing the Bridal party taking part in the Bridal Waltz, it was also unique as this was during their entrance to kick of the night on a high. To make it even more unique, half way through, another 20 guests joined into the dance that they had been practicing making a great show for the remaining guests and was the first time I had seen anything like this. The only problem, no one was had a video camera ready as it was surprise.

I have seen other Bridal waltz dances include their bridal party to create a memorable 1st dance. Others have worked hard working a routine to wow their guests and make the bridal waltz a highlight of the night.

What are you planning, will you do something people will remember over other weddings they have attended? Be unique..be daring…but have fun!